Thanks for stopping by.

As you'll already know, I'm Alex, and I'm a digital marketer based in North Wales. I'm not a fan of expansive, sprawling bios so I'll keep this limited to a few bullet points:

  • I've been in the marketing industry for around 7 years, during which time I've worked for household names such as Panasonic and Iceland Foods.
  • I'm currently the Agency Director at Clicky, where I work with a seriously talented team to deliver results driven digital strategies for some amazing clients.
  • I've worked with brands such as Raleigh Bikes to implement high performing SEO strategies
  • Outside of SEO, I love lifting heavy things and drinking rum (not at the same time).

I set up this site to share insights & actionable tips for other search marketers and test different things out. So if the site is broken at any point then one of my tests has probably gone wrong...

I'll also be sharing more general career development posts from time to time. I tend to share quite a bit on my LinkedIn (particularly when it comes to video), but I'm working on porting that all over to this site too.

If you do find any of the content I share useful then I'd love to hear from you. You can reach me via the contact form on this site, or through Twitter or LinkedIn.

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